We are now one year on from the first meeting of the Boughton Fen Committee.


During this year , we have made progress with many things, which have been highlighted in previous reports.


Since the last Parish Council meeting, progress has continued.


We provisionally entered Higher Level Stewardship on 1st August, 2008.  When the final few items are in place, the agreement will be signed.  This will be our main source of funding for the next ten years.


The most difficult task to date has been opening the Fen bank accounts.  I would like to thank Angela Faherty for working so hard to get the bank to look after our money, and give us access to it when we want it.


There have been a number of ‘mini’ working parties which have cleared the scrub around the Kingfisher Bridge on the main Oxborough Road, cleared the fallen tree along stringside drain and also constructed the seat  on Highland Fen.


Stringside drain has been cleared and the bank cut by the EA.  We hope to put a couple of seats along there for people to take in the view.  It is hoped that the EA will maintain this bank on a regular  basis, giving a pleasant walk from bridge to bridge all year round.


Unfortunately, the latest attempt by NCC Highways to block the old drain from the fen appears to have failed.  Natural England will be pursuing NCC about this.


Our most recent highlight was Allan Hale’s “A Year on Boughton Fen” presentation, which attracted nearly 70 people, and raised £358.05 for fen funds.  This included donations on the night totalling £55 which will be used to provide the two benches along Stringside drain.


Generally, we leave the Fen to our summer visitors over the summer months, but we are now approaching the time of year when we can start work again. The main thrust of our work will again be scrub clearance, with money still available to pay specialist contractors to clear the difficult areas.  We will again be organising our own large working parties.


We also  hope to organise  further mini working parties similar to the Kingfisher Bridge morning, to do small one-off jobs.  Every effort will be made to keep people informed so that they can still get involved if they cannot make it to the larger working parties.


Thanks again to everyone who has helped and supported us through our first year.   We look forward to your continued support with our second year and beyond.


Mark Pogmore