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Welcome to the Boughton Fen Website

This site provides information on Boughton Fen in West Norfolk. Boughton Fen is designated common land registered to Boughton Parish Council and is located at the eastern end of Oxborough Road (old Fen Road). It covers around 40 acres to the south of the 'T' junction and straddles either side of the road that leads to Eastmoor to the north and Oxborough to the south. It is a nationally designated Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and has recently been reclassified as being in an ‘unfavourable recovering condition’ (November 2013). A dedicated group of volunteers work to maintain and enhance this Site of Special Scientific Interest supported by Natural England in our decision making process.

The Boughton Fen committee would be delighted to see you at any of our Working Parties and your volunteer help is extremely appreciated. For further information please contact Sue Pogmore on 01366 500461, or email

Boughton Fen Update

Good News! Boughton Fen Committee would like to thank all of you who for voted for us in the Lloyds Community Fund Awards. It certainly paid dividends, as we were top of the poll with over 35% of the vote. We have now received our cheque for £3000.00 from Lloyds Bank to help us with our fen work.